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HVAC Filters

HVAC - heating, ventilating and air conditioning. Generally speaking this should cover every application where a filter could possibly be used. Over the years this has become associated with the trade of sheet metal and large industrial air systems. These might include air handlers, demisters, oil mist eliminators, refrigeration, etc… These applications require heavy-duty industrial grade filters built to last through years of rough handling and cleaning. Well, The Filter Factory makes them tough too (industrial grade filters made of either steel or aluminum).

HVAC Filters eliminate water droplets, oil mist, and grease from air streams in industrial and commercial environments. These filters are effective in applications where outsides air maybe moisture laden from fog or steam. The Mistx is effective on indoor air, which has oil mist, moisture, or grease from cooling coils, machining processes, evaporative processes, or commercial kitchens. Theirconstruction of galvanized steel insures their long life even through rough handling and frequentcleaning.

HVAC Filters is designed to offer moisture or oil mist laden air cool metal surfaces to condense on which removes these corrosives from the air. HVAC Filtersoperates most effectively at 450 fpm to 550 fpm with an efficiency of >90% on moisture droplets > 20 micrometers. The filter also acts as a particulate filter due to its design of multiple layers of woven wire, which become wet as the filter starts removing moisture and oil from the air stream. This filter is designed to be installed with a drain system to remove unwanted moisture, oil, or grease condensation from the filter media.

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