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Stainless Steel Grease Filters

Hood Grease filters are permanent and cleanable. Filters are available in stainless steel or Aluminum Mesh Filters construction.

The aerodynamic properties of the filter make it a highly efficient flame arrester. Cooking flare-ups are restricted from entering the kitchen exhaust ducts, as the flame cannot effectively follow the air flow pattern thru the filter.

Grease filters are specially designed to stop grease from entering the exhaust ducts. Scientific placement of the 10 piece media creates an air flow pattern that allows for efficient air passage while the airborne grease particles are impinged upon an extensive network of trapping surfaces.

Grease filters daily will insure maximum filter life. When the filter is caked or laden with considerable grease, use a good commercial detergent and allow the filter to soak overnight. Grease Filters are permanent, cleanable. The filter media is heavy-duty crimped, expanded 30 gauge plated steel.

Grease filters both frame and media. Standard sizes available. Special sizes are available on request.

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