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Business Grease Filters

Grease filters have bean meant for use in restaurant kitchens.
Grease filter has been built in all air cleaners and it gathers food vapour and grease particles. Depending on the model it is either a chloride-free bleached filter fabric or metal filter that can even be washed in a dish washing machine.
Filter elements have been made of rustproof, acid resistant material.
Bigger most of the used grease is absorbed by aqueous vapour that forms during cooking. If that vapour, which includes grease, is sucked through the filter, food grease condensates on large cooling surfaces and combustion risk is avoided.
Filters have been made of galvanised or stainless zinc-plate wire which has been interlaced into a special pattern with large cooling surface and does not have big air resistance. Separation percentage is 90 – 95% and the filters match with most air purifiers and cleaners used in restaurant kitchens.For protection from sharp net tips and to avoid damages during cleaning, the filters have been provided with protective fences.
Filters can be washed in a dish washing machine. Filters are also made of rustproof, acid resistant material.

Technical data

Measurement: 245x495x50mm, 245x495x25mm, 495x495x50mm, 495x495x25 mm.
Size Air flow Decompression Impurity separation efficiency
245x495x50 mm 1000 m2/h 45 Pa 96%
495x495x50 mm 2000 m2/h 30 Pa 96%
245x495x25 mm 1000 m2/h 40 Pa 90%
495x495x25 mm 2000 m2/h 25 Pa 90%

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