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Air Filters

Air Filters are designed for industrial air handling equipment used in heating, cooling, and ventilating applications with a velocity range of 300-700 fpm. Air Filters are also ideal for demisting applications and can be applied either at the air intake or in the air.
Air Filters are available in either 2" or 4" nominal thickness and fabricatedwith galvanized steel frame and media. Other materials are available for stainless steel and aluminum.
Air Filters is constructed of horizontal layers of wire screen cloth. This format provides a large filtering area with no direct air passages through the filter media. The media edges are hemmed to diminish the danger of cuts and scratches. Reinforcing rods are centered through the filter to prevent any media shifting.
Air Filters as a roughing filter where ease of cleaning is necessary. This filter is commonly used in electronic equipment, package air conditioning units, home heating and air conditioning central units and kitchen range hoods.
Air Filters can be cleaned by soaking in hot water and detergent. After rinsing, allow the filter to dry and then recharge by applying.

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